Globally Patented – INVESIL Smart Coating

The INVESIL product is owned and globally Patented by Flora Coatings, Phoenix. Several patents and Trademark have been awarded to this technology. INVESIL is considered world’s first commercial broad spectrum antimicrobial coating..

Mechanical Properties of INVESIL Coatings

Several companies are claiming that their coatings could last for months. However, no such data has been generated or proof available in support of their claims. Specially, if coating is less than 1 micron, it is difficult to believe those claims. We at Flora Coatings have compared a competitive commercial product with INVESIL. The commercial product was applied as received and tested using Taber Abrasion as per ASTM.

Car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail

INVESIL With Exceptionally Strong Adhesion Tendency

INVESIL was spray coated over silicone rubber gloves and displayed exceptionally good adhesion. Coated gloves after drying can be stretched as INVESIL is an adequately flexible.